Spring Color Trends 2017

Spring Is Here! Time to get inspired and freshen up your home with this season’s most beautiful paint colors. At Spiral Design we are big supporters of bringing in a lot of happy into your home through a little (or a lot) of color. If bringing color in to your home gives you a panic attack, give me a call and let’s chat! Through a stress-free, virtual color consultation, we can find the perfect colors for your home! Check out these fresh spring colors for some inspiration!


Spring Lilac – Refined, Elegant, Feminine and Calming. Spring Lilac is perfect for a bedroom, women’s study, sophisticated dining room and more!

Rose Quartz – Romantic, Feminine, and Modern. Bedrooms, mirrors, light fixtures, textiles, nurseries, powder baths were made for this color!

Turquoise Refreshing, Calming and Healing! This color is SO fun and instantly transports my mind somewhere tropical.

Indigo Batik – Complex, Dreamy, Balancing and Classic. Indigo looks amazing in a bedroom, on a front door, boy’s bedroom, ceilings, backsplash, dining room or on a chair, pillow or abstract artwork.

Hot Pink Who doesn’t love a pop of pink this time of year?! Whether it’s a throw pillow, a beautiful bouquet or an entire wall, this color will wake up your space and create a cheerful romantic vibe.

Kelly Green – A little bit preppy, a little bit tropical vacation! This saturated, vibrant, refreshing hue works SO well in rooms full of sunshine, and looks stunning on cabinetry, striped walls, or ceilings. For a low commitment pop of color, try a small piece of artwork or window treatments.

What color + design project are you currently working on? We can help! From exterior to interior, we have color solutions for your unique home!
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Virtually Staging Your Home To Sell – Why It Works!

It’s spring… and that means selling season is in full swing!

Are you gearing up for a move and want to sell your home quickly, at or above asking price? Virtual Home Staging is a step you do NOT want to skip!

Home staging is the simple, but very effective process of reconfiguring and refreshing a home to give it the broadest curb appeal possible, making it irresistible to potential buyers. Christina Kittelstad of Spiral Design Color Consulting & Home Staging in Colorado has been in the staging business for over 10 years, creating a haven for staging clients that provides perfect first impressions to buyers.


Did you know? Homes that are professionally staged correctly can, and do sell up to 40% faster than their competition, sometimes at 5%-10% above a homeowner’s asking price!

In this uber competitive market, homeowners and realtors in the know, are utilizing every possible advantage and tool available, to make sure their listing sells first, fast and at top dollar. The longer it sits on the market, the less profit is likely to be made. Homeowners in Colorado have joined this national trend of staging their home as part of the overall process prior to listing. Many realtors like the ones Spiral Design partners with, refuse to even list a property without having it professionally staged, because they know from experience, how much time and money can be saved in taking a few extra hours to partner with a professional stager . Spiral Design has proven this time and time again with immediate sales above asking price, no matter what market trends are at. Many homeowners do not have the time or money to do all the remodeling projects necessary before selling. By properly staging their home for a few hundred dollars, attention is drawn to all the home’s best features, creating a genuine “lived-in” environment, that creates the perfect recipe for saving hundreds of dollars, getting the attention from the right buyers and receiving a higher offer! The return well outweighs any initial staging investment.

Virtual Staging – How We Can Help!

Homeowners, businesses, property managers, custom builders and realtors alike can all hire a professional stager to assist them with their unique space and needs. In general, stagers who specialize in occupied home staging consultations and can work with what a client already has available, which is much more affordable and realistic for the average homeowner. Spiral Design specializes in occupied, virtual home staging consultations and works with each homeowners current space, highlighting their homes best features, minimizing the clutter, and suggesting simple aesthetic changes that will make it more attractive to prospective buyers. In the end, this all adds up to one beautiful word – SOLD!

An occupied virtual staging consultation usually consists of a convenient general consultation by phone with the homeowner, to discuss what simple changes need to be made. Clients provide video and photos of each room “as is”. Spiral Design offers a complete recommendations check-list and report, emailed to each client, as well as follow-up support prior to the listing photos being taken. Home staging fees vary and are based on each unique home and total square footage. Call for a quote.

What Our Realtors Are Saying… 

8889462_8_1“We were able to compete against another, larger, active listing in the same development because of staging this home properly. Your suggestions to the Seller, and the rationale you gave for those suggestions, made it easy to implement with little or no investment of money, only a little energy! We not only got an offer before the other unit and in half the average time on the market, but we were priced $10,000 more than the larger unit. In this market, I am making it a requirement of all new listings that they stage their property before we put it on the market and you will be the one I recommend for occupied properties. Thanks!” Karon Smith, DTC Keller Williams

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Christina Kittelstad,
Owner of Spiral Design Color Consulting & Home Staging